As we pause to celebrate a milestone year, we also look to the future. We will continue building strong relationships within our community and with our corporate partners, as we establish ambitious fundraising targets that will enable us to support enhanced learning opportunities for all DSISD students from year-to-year.

Facts You May NOT Know

  • Annual cost of a high-performance DSISD education — $7,653 per student.
  • Average State funding per student/per year $1,958 (2011/12 AEIS Report). The majority of funding comes from local tax revenue.
  • Texas State Constitution requires only an adequate education for our children. Many DSISD programs and resources are not required by the state, nor are they state priorities:
  • Smaller class sizes
  • AP classes in high school
  • GT, art and music teachers in K-5
  • Librarians, nurses and counselors in K-5
  • Advanced math and language arts in K-12
  • All electives available K-12
  • Our population is increasing year over year, while our state funding per student is not.

Help Bridge the Funding Gap and Maintain Great Schools for Our Kids.