Investing in Education

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Help us bridge the funding gap between the district’s state-allocated budget and the actual cost of the high-performance education we’ve come to expect from DSISD.

Facts You May NOT Know

Annual expenditure per student for a DSISD education:    $7,653

Annual state funding per student:     $1,958

Gap:  $5,695

•  Texas State Constitution requires only an adequate education for our children. Many DSISD programs and resources are not required by the state, nor are they state priorities:

•  Smaller class sizes

•  AP classes in high school

•  GT, art and music teachers in K-5

•  Librarians, nurses and counselors in K-5

•  Advanced math and language arts in K-12

•  All electives available K-12

•  Our population is increasing year over year, while our state funding per student is not.


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