Interested in becoming a DSEF Board Member?

Purpose of the DS Education Foundation:  The Foundation raises private sector funds to support academic goals and achievement at every school in our district. Currently, this is done largely through awarding teacher innovation grants and student leadership grants that enhance the classroom learning experience.  As the Foundation’s fundraising becomes more effective (e.g., via the 2012-13 Funding the Gap campaign), additional funds raised annually are granted to the District to support projects and /or personnel that enhance the academic experience district-wide.

Profile of the Successful Board Member:  The minimum time commitment for a board member includes 1.5 hours per month for the regular board meeting which takes place at the business offices of the school district (510 W. Mercer Street, DS). There are also one or two days per year scheduled for long-range strategic planning. These sessions are generally 4-6 hours long.  However, the Foundation’s success in building and maintaining community support comes from board members that are able to make significant contributions of time and resources, have the determination to complete projects in a timely way with little oversight, and, most importantly, have a passion for true excellence in education!

Qualifications:  A well-functioning school system benefits everyone in the district. Reflecting that community-wide impact, the board consists of individuals with varied backgrounds and includes parents, teachers, other licensed professionals, and representatives of local businesses. Everyone willing to roll up their sleeves is welcome! However, given the nature of our events and projects, we strongly encourage individuals to apply if they have specific experience in project management, public and media relations, fundraising, web design, and/or event planning.

Benefits of Board Membership:  Members receive no compensation for serving on the Foundation’s Board. Minimal overhead and organizational cost ensures that the Foundation is able to direct more than 90% of all donations towards District initiatives. Board Members do get opportunities to work closely with school administrators and District Trustees and help to determine which projects, grants, and initiatives should receive Foundation sponsorship. Helping to create non-governmental financial support for the District is one of the most important and effective methods for fostering sustained academic excellence.

Board Member Application:  To begin the nomination process, please email a resume and/or bio along with the completed Board Member Application below to Amy Embrey, DSEF Staff Assistant, at Amy can also be reached at 512-858-3063 (office). Upon receipt of your information one of our board members will arrange an interview after which the full board would consider the nomination. Additional information can be found in the following document links:

We thank you for your interest and support!